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Twin or single helicopters and why?

Arrival and checking in

Passengers will meet our helicopters following the instructions of our ground crew and pilot.
In case that your departure takes place at the Athens International Airport and you arrive by car, follow the directions as shown on the two maps. (Click to enlarge).

hELIPORT          airport

In case that your flight arrives at Athens International Airport and you have booked a flight with us, we will pick you up and a V.I.P. limousine will drive you straight to the helicopter. We will also take care of your luggage transfer. All must hold their personal documents with them (ID or passport).

Superior Air flights are handled by Skyserv in the Athens International Airport.


Skyserv offers high quality services which include:

              •  Office open 24 hours
   • Full VIP meet-and-greet service
   • Customs and immigration on site
                     • Diplomatic and VIP passenger coordination
                      • Drive-up ramp access (with prior permission)
               • Commercial transfers if required
           • UVair® contract fuel available
             • VIP catering
                • Passenger lounge
                 • Crew rest lounge
                    • Ground handling company
                          independently operated
                  • Limousine service and car rental
                     • 24-hour security
                     • Air taxi services
                       • Commercial aircraft transfers

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