The A109E helicopter is a lightweight, twin-engine, eight-seat multi-purpose helicopter, known for its speed, elegant appearance and ease of control. The cabin offers a spacious, quiet and luxurious environment, equipped with an air-conditioned, luxury seated interior, including a mini-bar. In addition to its elegance, the Agusta AW 109 Power is one of the fastest commercial helicopters in Greece.


  • Cruising Speed
    154 kts (290 km/h)
  • Range
    680 km (360 nm) (depending on passenger number)
  • Capacity
    VIP seating configuration for seven passengers (excluding infants)
  • Powerplant
    2 x Allison Model 250-C20R-1 turboshaft engines
  • Luggage compartment dimensions
    Height start front 45- end 60cm Depth start front 110- middle 100- ends back 73cm Length 130cm


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