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Aidas Matkevicius

Graduated from the Aviation Institute of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and worked for several years at the licensing division of Lithuanian CAA.

For the past 9 years he was flying as an instructor, as ATO training manager and was appointed as Flight Department Director for an airline in Lithuania. As an instructor, he has flown in Europe, Asia and has also experience at the Almaty Aviation Academy in Kazakhstan. His career includes academic teaching at the Georgian Aviation University and consultancy experience in cooperation with EASA for the introduction of the EU rules at the University of Georgia.

He fluently speaks and writes: Lithuanian, English and Russian

Commercial pilot license CPL(A), SEP/MEP/IR, FI(A)

Airplanes type flown:
YAK-52, C-152, C-172, GA-8, DV-20, TECNAM 2002/92, P2006T, C-310Q, Pa-30, Pa-23, Pa-34

Civil Aviation Administration, Personnel Licensing Division, Lithuania
Head of Training, Flight Instructor (FI), FTO “Baltic Flight Academy”
Flight Department Director Deputy (BFA Airlines)
Head of Training, Flight Instructor ATO “AEROTRAINING“
Director of Flight Operations, airlines „KlasJet”, Lithuania
FI Almaty Aviation Academy, Kazakhstan
EASA consultant at Georgian Aviation Academy

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