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Magdaline Klaoudatos

Magdaline has been involved in aviation for more than 20 years and is an Olympic Aviation graduate ( SEXOA). Starting from basic flight as a paragliding pilot (competitive level) and powered hand-gliding, she is now an FI and acting CGI at Superior Air.

Licences held: FAI Paragliding Pilot license

Ultralight (A) license


EASA CPL(A)SPA/IR/SE/ME with ATPL theory credit


Having over 2000 PIC and over 1000 hrs.under IFR, she has flown the following types of aircraft: AC500S/DA42/DA40/PA44/PA34/PA32/PA28/PA23/TB20/TB10/TB9/C172/C152/PISI

Magdaline has always enjoyed teaching and has been a paragliding instructor (Magic Paragliding) and scuba diving instructor (Hellas Dive) and also holds licenses as a Technical diver, Rescue Diver, and Medic first aid.

Being the first Aviation English Assessor that graduated from the HCAA (GR-AsL-1), Magdaline also is the first to develop an Aviation English test authorized by the HCAA and HANSA.

She also has a BA in Business Administration (marketing and management), currently is studying graphology and is active in numerous sports (skiing, cycling, swimming).

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