Richard Tedenholt

Helicopter Captain / Instructor (H)

Richard Tedenholt comes from Stockholm, Sweden and began his helicopter career back in 2011, flying as a Flight Instructor for 4 years in Florida, USA at Bristow Academy. His career has taken him to many places around the world, including the UAE, Sri Lanka and, before coming to Greece, flying VIP Charter between the many islands of the Seychelles. He started here at Superior Air in the summer of 2019 and flies the Airbus H120 and the Bell 407 helicopters.

  • Over 2500 hrs on helicopters
  • Type Rated on the H120 and B407 with prior ratings on the S300, R22, and R44
  • Holds both FAA and EASA FCL with Class 1 Medical
  • Speaks Swedish, English and Japanese, also basic knowledge in other languages
  • Has a background in TV and Media Production

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