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Konstantinos Sofianos

Konstantinos Sofianos is the Flight Operation Manager of Superior Air.

Born in 1980, he started flying at the age of 17. Konstantinos is a commercial pilot flying  airplanes and helicopters and his  experience exceeds 7.500 hours. He is  also a flight instructor and he is rated to fly every single aircraft Superior Air has to offer. His flying experience consists of training students towards obtaining the private and commercial pilots license, experienced captains  towards obtaining type ratings for several helicopter types and also training military pilots in different countries including the Middle East region.

Konstantinos aims to make Superior Air a leading General Aviation company by applying innovative solutions and by changing the company practices and procedures, so that Superior Air can offer high quality services to all its customers in a fast and efficient way. Flight Safety is also a number one priority and here at Superior Air we believe that managing a company while having an in-depth knowledge of flight operations is one of our strongest assets.

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