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Our ATP Modular Course is designed to offer high-level training to students wishing to become professional pilots completing their training as separate modules. This course is usually preferred by people that wish to have the distance learning option in the ground training and/or do not have the time to follow the integrated program which is more demanding. No previous experience is required to start this course.

Using modern equipment and aircraft, Superior Air will provide training of the highest level to promote your upcoming aviation career.   If the applicant is a holder of a PPL EASA license,  the appropriate modular course for CPL, IR, ME, Night Qualification and ATPL Theory has to be followed.  Applicants for this course have the choice between Residential and Distance Learning Theoretical Training courses. When you finish our modular course you will hold a commercial pilot’s license CPL (A), the Multi-Engine Class Rating (ME), the Instrument Rating (IR) and the ATPL Theory credit.

The MCC Course is also an option. That means that when you finish your training you will know everything you need and will have received all the training necessary to start your career as a pilot. In Superior Air, we would like to take your training a step beyond the European Regulations. We will give our best to build Airmanship as well as a great aviator’s character and all the skills necessary for you to be a complete professional pilot. After all, it’s not just a license you will need to get a good job tomorrow.

Superior Air also uses the Bristol Ground school material which is the most modern and proven method of ground training for commercial pilots around the world. The Modular course can be completed between 18 to 36 months.

*Duration of the course depends on the discretion of the student

If you choose to take one of the ATPL Theory courses you avoid attending the modular Theory of each License for the CPL Course.

In conclusion, the above program includes everything a pilot needs to become a holder of a CPL(A)/IR/MEP license with ATPL Theory Credit and the Aviation English Language proficiency check. There is nothing else you will need after completing your training in Superior Air.

Overview :

Our Modular 0-ATP Program includes 241 hours of total flight time as follows :

  • PPL 45 Hours
  • HOUR BUILD UP 90 Hours
  • CPL / ME 31 Hours
  • IR 15 Hours SEP + IR 35 Hours Simulator + 5 Hours MEP
  • Night Qualification 5 Hours
  • 210 Hours single Engine (Cessna 172)
  • 16 Hours Multi Engine (Tecnam P2006T Glass Cockpit)
  •  780 hours Bristol Ground school (In-House) and Brush –up / Special Aircraft Knowledge / Airmanship and decision making seminars / Special Airline Systems operation and interview preparation.
  • All Ground school material & books as well as bag, plotter, CRP-5, Jeppesen airway manual, knee-board etc.
  • Aircraft manuals
  • All taxes
  • Aviation English Language Proficiency check


Additional Costs:

  • Cost to issue a medical certificate from Hellenic Air Force General Hospital
  • HCAA Handling cost (TBA)
  • Accommodation fees and out of base landing and accommodation fees (ex. Night Flights out of base)
  • Examination fees
  • Uniform
  • Cost of MCC Course
  • Cost of Advanced UPRT Course

Course structures may change without notice.


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