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Commercial Pilot License (A)

The aim of the CPL (A) modular course is to train PPL (A) or ICAO pilot license holders to the level of proficiency necessary to operate single-pilot single-engine and/or multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transportation and to obtain the JAA CPL(A)/SP/MEP.

On a full time basis the course (only the flight training) can be completed in 3 weeks, but it can also be done in longer time on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Below you can see our course structure:

CPL (A) – 3 Weeks*
  • PPL (A) holder (ICAO Annex 1)    OR
  • Has Completed 150 hours as a Pilot
  • Preparation of flights
  • 781 hrs ATPL Theory Ground School
  • 31 hours flight training (25 hours if you have the rating  MEP(LAND) in your licence).
  • 10 hrs single engine dual
  • 10 hrs single engine Instrument flight
  •  6 hrs   multi engine  dual(initial training)
  •  5 hrs   multi engine  dual(complex airplane)

*Duration of flights only

Duration of the course depends on the discretion of the student

By attending the ATPL Theory courses you avoid attending the modular Theory of each License which is more cost effective especially if you consider that most Airlines require pilots to have the ATPL Theory credit before an interview.

Overview :

Our CPL  Program includes 31 hours (25 hours) of total flight time as follows :

  • 20 hours single engine (Cessna 172)
  • 11 hours multi engine (tecnam P2006T) or 5 hours ,  if you have the rating  MEP(LAND) in your licence.
  •  780 hours Ground school (CATS ATPL Theory)
  •  All ground school material as well as maps flight computers , bag etc.
  •  Aircraft manuals
  •  All taxes

Additional Costs:

  • Cost to issue a medical certificate from an authorized AME
  • HCAA Handling cost (TBA)
  • Accommodation  fees and out of base landing and accommodation fees (ex. Night Flights out of base).
  • Examination fees
  • Uniform


Course structure may change without notice.


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