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Night Rating (H)

Night Rating allows you to exercise the privileges of your PPL at night.

A holder of PPL(H) applying for a night qualification shall have completed at least 100 hours of flight time as pilot of helicopters after the issue of the licence, including at least 60 hours as PIC of helicopters and 20 hours cross-country flight.

You need 5 hours night flight training including at least 1 hour of cross-country navigation, and one hour solo. The training takes 2 to 3 days to complete.

Superior Air operates the Robinson R-22 helicopter for this training.

Below you can see our course structure:

  • Preparation of flights
  • Dual flight traning
  • Dual Night flight training
  • Solo Night flight
  • 5 Hours classroom (Aircraft introduction, Introduction to Night Procedures)
  • 2 Hours dual Night flight
  • 2 Hours dual Night flight including cross country
  • 1 Hour solo

Additional costs:

  • Cost to issue a medical certificate from an authorized AME
  • HCAA Handling cost (TBA)
  • Accommodation fees and out of base landing and accommodation fees (ex. Night Flights out of base).
  • Examination fees

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