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Refresh Courses (H)

Superior Air offers you the opportunity to revalidate your license through refresh courses.

The Refresh Courses we offer are:

  1. FI/TRI (H)  Refresher  Seminar
  2. R-22 & R-44 Type Rating Refresher Course
  3. Any other Helicopter Type Rating Refresher Course (upon demand)

The aim of the refresh courses is to provide refresh and bring up to date the technical knowledge of a pilot holding a valid or lapsed license or rating.

Below you can see the course structure of each individual course:


FI/CRI(H) Refresher Course 15 Hours (2 Days) Contact the company
R22 &R44 Type Rating Refresher Course 3-9 Hours (1-2 Days) Contact the company
Any other helicopter Type Rating R.Course 3-9 Hours (1-2 Days) Contact the company

The above packages are for Theory Refresh only.

Additional costs:

  • Cost to issue a medical certificate from an authorized AME
  • The rental cost of the aircraft (In case you use one)
  • HCAA Handling cost (TBA)
  • Accommodation fees and out of base landing and accommodation fees.
  • Examination fees


Refresh Courses

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