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Airline Transport Pilot License Integrated

16-18 months


204 hours


780 hours


Course Description

Our ATP integrated Course is designed to offer high-level training to students wishing to become professional pilots in only one year. No previous experience is required to start this course. Using state-of-the-art equipment and aircraft, Superior Air will provide training of the highest level to promote your upcoming aviation career.

The aim of the ATP(A) integrated course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-pilot, multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transportation and to obtain the CPL (A) with ATPL Theory Credit, MEP(LAND) and IR/SP/ME.
Upon successful completion of the ATP Integrated Course you will hold a Frozen ATPL(A) with ATPL Theory credit, SEP (land) & IR/SP/SE, MEP (land) & IR/SP/ME, as well as PBN, UPRT and the MCC Course.
That means that when you finish your training you will know everything you need and will have received all the training necessary to start your career as a commercial pilot.

In Superior Air, we would like to take your training a step beyond the European Regulations. We will give our best to build Airmanship as well as a great aviator’s character and all the skills necessary for you to be a complete professional pilot. After all, it’s not just a license you will need to get a good job tomorrow. Our highly experienced staff will teach you what the books can’t give you and this is what really makes the difference.

Using modern aircraft you will fly both in an analog and glass cockpit environment. Also, highly experienced flight instructors having worked in major aviation positions will make sure you know everything that is needed by the time you finish. Superior Air also uses the Bristol Groundschool material which is the most modern and proven method of ground training for commercial pilots around the world.

The integrated course is the fastest way to get a commercial pilot’s license in 12 – 15 months.

Our Integrated 0-ATP Program includes

  • All Theoretical Knowledge Instruction Training Material as well as a bag, a plotter, a CRP-5, a Jeppesen airway manual, a knee-board etc.
  • Aircraft manuals
  • All taxes
  • 20 hours MCC Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
  • 5 hours Advanced UPRT Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
  • Aviation English Language Proficiency check
  • 75 hours in a SEP aircraft
  • 51 hours Instrument Training in a SEP aircraft
  • 40 hours simulator FNPT II
  • 20 hours multi-engine training
  • 15 hours simulator for the MCC Course
  • 3 hours in SEP aircraft for the advanced UPRT course

Additional Costs

  • Cost to issue a Hellenic EASA Medical Certificate (Class 1)
  • HCAA Handling cost (TBA)
  • Accommodation fees and out of base landing and accommodation fees (ex. Night Flights out of base)
  • Examination fees
  • Uniform

Course structures may change without notice.

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