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Instrument Rating (A)

2 month


50 hours


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Course Description

In order to be able to fly with a Single Engine or Multi Engine aircraft in controlled airspace and/or in weather conditions that require compliance with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), you will need the Instrument Rating (IR). The IR training requirements depend on which aircraft type you are interested to fly and the license you hold. An applicant for an IR (A) shall hold a PPL (A) including a night qualification or CPL (A) and shall have completed at least 50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot-in-command in airplanes.

An applicant for an IR(A) shall have demonstrated the ability to use the English language and have acquired at least a level 4 EASA English Language Proficiency.

This package is created for PPL (A) SEP or CPL (A) SEP holders who are interested to take a SEP / IR.

Below you can see our course structure:

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction

Instrument Rating (A) applicants can choose to take the ATPL (A) modular theoretical course which covers all IR(A) requirements under AMC1 FCL.310; FCL.515 (b); FCL.615 (b). (optional)

IR (A) theoretical knowledge course will comprise seven (7) theoretical subjects, 217 hours of instruction (1 hour = 60 minutes instruction).

These subjects are:

  • Air Law,
  • Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation
  • Human Performance,
  • Meteorology,
  • Radio Navigation,
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring
  • IFR Communications
  • Flight Training

The course consists of 50 hours in total of which:

  • 35 hours in FNPT II
  • 15 hours in a SEP aircraft

Not included:

  • ATPL(A) Theory distance learning, if not held already
  • Examination fees
  • Duration for flights only

Course structures may change without notice.

For PPL (A) /MEP or CPL (A) /MEP Class rating holders, additional 5 hours ME/IR training is required.

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