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Instrument Rating (H)

6-8 Weeks


50 Ηours


7 Subjects


Course Description

An instrument rating is required in order to operate a helicopter in bad weather conditions that prevent visual flight by looking ahead at the horizon or other visual cues on the ground. This may be due to cloud or low visibility and in this situation the aircraft has to be flown by reference to instruments inside the cockpit. In the helicopter industry this rating is often a requirement in order to apply for jobs on larger helicopters for example those used for offshore passenger transport or the emergency services.

The aim of the IR (H) modular flying training course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to operate helicopters under Instrument Flight Rules(IFR) and in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).
At Superior Air we offer the MEIR(H), which is carried out using our FNPT II certified helicopter simulator and the A109 helicopter or our brand new ACH135 T3. PBN privileges are included as standard within the MEIR course.


On a full time basis the course can be completed in 6 to 8 weeks, but it can also be carried out over a longer period on a pay-as-you-go basis, for those unable to commit to a full time schedule.

Flight duration is the minimum required by regulation, and is dependent on student performance. More hours may be required at additional cost.

Pre-entry requirements

  • Either a PPL (H) with night rating, a CPL(H) or an ATPL(H)
  • 50 hours cross country flight time as PIC, unless a graduate of an integrated course
  • Either hold the type rating of the helicopter on which the course will be carried out, or complete the type rating training prior to the course
  • IR(H) or ATPL(H)/IR Theoretical knowledge exams completed
  • Valid EASA Class 1/2 medical

Course structure

  • MEIR(H)
  • 50 hours dual instrument instruction, of which:
  • 40 hours simulator (FNPT II)
  • 10 hours aircraft A109 or our brand new ACH135 T3
  • 2.0 hrs MEIR skill test

* No VAT is applicable for CPL holders.

Theoretical Knowledge Requirements

There are 7 theoretical knowledge exams required for the IR (H). These are:

  • air law
  • aircraft general knowledge — instrumentation
  • flight planning and monitoring
  • human performance
  • meteorology
  • radio navigation
  • communications

For candidates that have passed all APTL (H)/IR theory(14 exams) they will already meet these requirements in full. Otherwise the course for the 7 IR(H) exams may be taken at our academy – for more information please see the CPL(H)/ATPL(H)/IR(H) theory section of our website.

Included in the course

  • The minimum required training hours as quoted above
  • Use of the aircraft for the skill test
  • All ground briefings before and after each flight
  • Aircraft flight manuals
  • Flight preparation material
  • All landing fees, fuel costs, handling charges when at home airport

Additional Costs

  • HCAA Handling cost for licence issue
  • Accommodation fees
  • Examiner fees for final skill test
  • Uniform

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