Visa Process

For non-European students who wish to come and study in Greece, it is mandatory to obtain a student VISA (Type D visa), from the Greek Embassy of their country.

The VISA process takes approximately 3-5 months to be issued, depending on the Embassy of each country.

After the Brussels attack in March 2016, additional security measures have been applied from the European authorities in order to ensure safety throughout Europe. So, for every Visa application, an additional worldwide security check is performed and this leads to delays. At the moment, the average time needed for student Visa is 3-5 months.

Please find below all needed documentation for your application:

Approved Training Organization Certificate (GR – ATO – 116)

Professional agreement for your training program with an advanced payment of the 1/3 of the total course fees – upon acceptance of the quotation and the success of the pre-entry test
Invitation Letter from Superior Air
Application for Visa to be filled in for “Long Stay” in Greece
Instructions of the requirements for the photo of the application

Copy of your passport:

Validity that exceeds by 3 months the period for which the National Visa is requested
Has at least two free pages where visas can be inserted
Has been issued within the previous 10 years.
Criminal Record should be issued by the Ministry of Interior
Medical Certificate
Travel Insurance

Embassies in different countries have their own requirements for the issuance of student visas, so prior to any application, students should contact them for further details.

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