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Airline Transport Pilot License Theory (H)

Course Description

At Superior Air we offer helicopter students both the CPL (H) and ATPL/IR (H) theoretical knowledge courses. Either the CPL(H) or ATPL/IR(H) theoretical knowledge examinations are required to obtain the commercial pilots licence, however the ATPL/IR(H) examinations are of a higher level and allow you to obtain an Airline Transport Pilots Licence in the future once you have attained the required experience as a pilot. For this reason most students naturally

choose to study for the ATPL/IR (H) exams from the beginning. You may wish to take the easier option of the CPL (H) theoretical knowledge only if you are certain that you will not want to operate larger IFR/multi pilot helicopters in the future. The CPL (H) theoretical knowledge can be upgraded to ATPL/IR (H) knowledge at a later date, but it is a much more lengthy process than just obtaining the ATPL/IR (H) theoretical knowledge in the first place.


On a full time basis the CPL (H) theory course can be completed in 4 months, and the ATPL/IR (H) theory course in 6 months. This is a full time classroom taught course at our academy. Both courses can also be carried out via distance learning, for those unable to

commit to a full time schedule. Distance learning gives you full access via laptop/ipad/mobile to our training material (provided by Bristol Ground School) to study at your own pace, before coming to the academy for a short revision course prior to taking the exams.

Course structure (Full Time)

CPL(H) or ATPL (H) Theoretical knowledge

  • 250 or 650 hours classroom based instruction
  • In house progress testing and mock examinations

Pre-entry requirements

  • PPL (H) Holder (ICAO Annex1/EASA)

Final exams taken at the Hellenic CAA in Athens

Course structure (Distance Learning)

CPL(H) or ATPL (H) Theoretical knowledge

  • 14 subjects via online computer based learning
  • Online progress testing
  • In-house revision sessions and mock examinations

Final exams taken at the Hellenic CAA in Athens

IR(H) Exams ATPL(A) to ATPL(H) Bridge

*Flight duration is the minimum required by regulation, and is dependent on student performance. More hours may be required at additional cost.

Included in the course

  • Classroom based portion taught by our highly experienced ground instructors
  • Access to our computer based training material (available on ipad/mac/pc – provided by Bristol Ground School)
  • In house progress testing and mock examinations

Additional Costs

  • Accommodation fees
  • Examination fees for final exams at the HCAA (currently 5 euro per exam)
  • Uniform

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