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Operating a flying machine is a complicated process.

A company must spend a huge amount of money for personnel training, investement in spare parts and maintenance in order to keep the fleet airworthy. The only way to reduce costs is by “cutting corners”, a method which is  proven to be against SAFETY.  We will never follow these practices in Superior Air, although sometimes it makes us ‘’not competitive’’ in an open market. We prefer to deal with customers who understand what they pay  for and why. All of our aircraft are maintained as per the manufacturers specifications and controlled according the latest strict European Regulations. Of course it is not easy for every passenger to control the status of a flying machine especially when it is hundreds or thousands of  miles away. But customer comments, safety record, fleet general condition and staff effectiveness are some of the first indications of a company’s level and values.

When searching to book a flight you must be certain about some things… Is this a real company with an active and real Air Operators Certificate or just a nice website? Where is the staff behind this company?

We encourage you to take a tour in our website and it should then be easy to realize what you pay for.

Superior Air is the fastest growing General Aviation Company in Greece , operating the largest aircraft fleet and among a few companies in the world that have the infrastructure , staff and facilities in order to be a licensed Aircraft Operator (A.O.C) , a Flight Training Academy (A.T.O.) , a Part 145 Maintenance Organization and C.A.M.O. (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization) , an Aerial Work Operator as well as a Service Center and dealership for various major Manufacturers such as Robinson Helicopters and  Piaggio  Aerospace.

Our experience in the aviation market all these years has led us to one vital conclusion ‘’You get what you pay for and there is no price you can put on safety’’.

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