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Refresh Courses (H)


Superior Air offers a wide variety of revalidation and renewal courses, including all necessary flight and ground training sessions, as well as flight skill tests with the company’s EASA approved examiners.


For revalidation or renewal courses the duration will not exceed 2-3 days, provided that weather and operational conditions allow the flight sessions.

Pre-entry requirements

  • Valid EASA or ICAO Medical certificate (Depending on license held)
  • PPL(H) or CPL(H) or ATPL(H) with the rating valid, or expired within the renewable time period.
  • Valid Aviation English proficiency


  • Refresh training ground school
  • Flight training
  • Flight proficiency check

Refresh courses in detail:

  • Flight Instructor Refresh Course
  • Instrument Rating Refresh Course
  • Type Rating revalidation or renewal, for types:
    • Bell 407
    • Agusta 109
    • Robinson R22
    • Robinson R44
    • Robinson R66
    • Airbus EC120B

The exact number of flight and ground sessions required depends on the applicant’s experience, recency and time period since a rating has expired.

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