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The church of Panagia Portaitissa in Chora of Astypalaia, snow white, with beautiful belfry, under the castle, is the trademark of Astypalaia. Every visitor considers it one of the most beautiful in Dodekanisa. Saint Anthimos around 750 ac founded it. Its unique church icon screen is sheathed with thin layers of gold. According to tradition the icon is impress from the icon of Moni Iviron from Mount Athos, when a special wood was placed over the icon.

Next to the church, there is a small ecclesiastical collection of old icons. This is where the greatest festivities for Virgin Ma­ry take place at first fortnight in August. The first night, at 14th August, start the festivities at the ch­urch precinct with vast participation from people and venders.

More information about Astypalaia: http://www.astypalaia.com/

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