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Airline Transport Pilot License Theory

6-8 month


— hours


750 hours


Course Description

The aim of this course is to train pilots who have not received the theoretical knowledge instruction during an integrated or a modular course to the level of theoretical knowledge required for the ATPL.

The applicant shall hold a Private Pilot Licence before he can attend the ATPL Theory course.
The ATPL Theory covers all 14 ATPL subjects and is offered as a​ full time course at our academy or as a distance learning.
Subjects are being separated into three (3) modules.

The theoretical knowledge is delivered in the classroom by High experienced qualified Instructors, supported by Bristol Groundschool which is the most modern and proven method of ground training for commercial pilots around the world.

Bristol Groundschool is the leading ATPL distance learning specialist for more than 28 years, and Europe’s leading provider of modular distance learning courses for the EASA Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL).

At the end of each module a refreshment session, takes place, of one-week containing revision and the final progress tests of each subject. For distance learning students these parts fulfil the requirement for the 10% classroom instruction.

Distance Learning Phases
Training during the distance learning phases is scheduled to enable smooth progression through the course, to allow continuous monitoring of performance and to regulate the total period of training undertaken.


  • Principles of Flight (POF)
  • Air Law and ATC Procedures (AL)
  • Operational Procedures (OP)
  • Mass and Balance (MBL)
  • VFR Communication (COM)
  • IFR Communications (COM)


  • General Navigation (GNAV)
  • Meteorology (MET)
  • Performance (PERF)
  • Human Performance and Limitations (HPL)

Module 3 (TECHNICAL)

  • Instrumentation (INS)
  • Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK)
  • Radio Nanigation (RNAV)
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring (FP)

Each Module shall be completed before next module start.

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