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Night Rating (H)

3 Days


5 hours


20 hours



The night Rating allows PPL(H) holders to exercise the license’s privileges at night. It is also a part of commercial training that can be completed individually or as part

of the commercial course.

Note: Due to airspace regulations in Greece, the flight training has to be performed at an international airport with night-time operation.


Total duration for ground and flight training is three days. The flight sessions are normally completed in one or two nights, depending on weather and airport limitations.

Pre-entry requirements

  • Private Pilot’s License – PPL(H)
  • Valid Medical Certificate
  • 100 hours of flight time as pilot of helicopters after the issue of the license
  • 60 hours as pilot-in-command of helicopters and 20 hours cross-country flight

Course structure

  • 5 hours helicopter night training, of which;
  • 1 hour night cross country flight
  • 1 hour solo flight
  • 20 hours of ground school covering all aspects of night flying

Included in the course

  • 5 hours of helicopter flight training
  • 20 hours of theoretical training
  • Night flying text book and guidance material

Additional costs:

  • Flight time to and from the international airport where the training takes place.
  • Accommodation
  • Airport handling and landing fees

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