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Welcome to Superior Air.

Superior Air is a well-recognized Aviation company that can provide private helicopter services for anyone. Whether you are looking for a flight transfer on your holiday, a business destination, a sightseeing tour or an opportunity to take pictures from breathtaking locations, Superior Air can help you.

Based in Greece, we operate from four different bases across the country: Athens, Megara, Santorini and Mykonos, which means that we provide cost effective solutions to the surrounding areas and islands.

In addition to our private helicopter services, Superior Air is also an EASA approved pilot training academy (ATO) and has CAMO and Part 145 maintenance capabilities.

Our facilities are equipped with a full motion Airplane simulator as well as an FNPT II helicopter simulator for IR training. The location is perfect for exposing novice flyers to a variety of conditions, like flying over mountains, operations over water and training between Greek islands.

Flight training in Greece can be highly advantageous, due to the sunny weather conditions, allowing year-round flying environment.  

A continuous training of our staff in order to meet the highest European standards is a “must” for us. All pilots are frequently evaluated by our quality staff and also the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

Why should you choose Superior Air?

  • We are certified and fly according to the latest strict European Regulations.
  • We are owners, pilots and mechanics so we have an absolute control of our company.
  • We have CAMO and Part 145 maintenance capabilities.
  • We continuously train and evaluate our pilots to the strictest European standards.
  • You will get on board a very well maintained helicopter in an excellent condition.
  • Our pilots have a deep knowledge of this job.
  • We have passion for Aviation.
  • We know every hidden corner of this country.


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