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Terms And Conditions

All passengers boarding Superior Air aircraft shall present their passport or ID when requested. The Captain reserves the right to scan the passengers and/or luggage using a metal detector if he deems necessary to do so. Refusal or failure to present identification documents may lead to a cancelation of the flight and no refund shall be made. Superior Air reserves the right to deny boarding to any passenger(s) that seems to be or is acting as if he/she is intoxicated or drunk. In case Superior Air denies boarding under such circumstances no refund will be made to the customer.

2.Payment of the flight
No flights depart unless they are fully paid for. Kindly note that your flight will be booked, as soon as a down payment of 30% of the total amount is completed. Full payment is required one week prior to the flight. Payments can be made by credit card through a secure payment environment from Superior Air’s Online System. In case the customer wishes to pay through wire transfer the flight can be performed and a flight confirmation shall be given only when the funds are traced to the company’s bank account and the customer has accepted our terms and conditions by signing the appropriate document.

3.Price Calculation
All prices provided to customers are all inclusive (all taxes and airport/handling fees, etc are included on the price). Prices provided to aviation brokers (resellers) are net and do not include commission but will include the standard reseller/partner discount as well as all taxes airport fees etc. Superior Air S.A. reserves every right to change at any time the pricing policy, notifying the customer prior to any alteration, via email.  Changes to the pricing policy are only applicable in case of force majeure (V.A.T. changes, excessive fuel price increase, special taxes imposed by the government, etc.) with an exception to the flights for which the total amount has been already fully settled.

All trips quoted are one way unless otherwise agreed (and where passengers for the return trip are actually known before the commencement of the flight). In case passengers are on board both legs additional charges apply.
In case of itinerary changes (less flight time or waiting time required) no refunds are made after flight confirmation is sent and payment is received.
In case of itinerary changes (requiring more flight time or more waiting time) the changes are subject to availability and additional charges to be made and paid for, before the continuation of the flight. In case the customer is unable to commit to the current schedule and the aircraft is scheduled for another flight, the aircraft shall depart empty and no refunds shall be made.

5.Cancelation Policy
In case of cancellations more than or up to 48 hours prior to departure a full refund shall be given. In case of cancellations of less than 48 hours in advance but more than or up to 24 hours prior to the departure time 30% of the flight will be charged and in case of cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the flight 80% of the total amount will be charged. In case of a customer no-show the full amount of the flight will be charged. In case Superior Air cancels a flight the full amount will be refunded to the customer and according to EU rules that apply. If a flight is cancelled due to weather or an unexpected restriction from the authorities the customer is entitled to a full refund unless he wishes to reschedule. Once a flight has departed and the customer wishes to either cancel the flight or return back no refunds will be made.

6.Extra Charges
Waiting – 150 euro/hr , Second pilot charge – 350 euro , Overnight charge 400 euro , all subject to availability. Waiting time and overnight charges are only applicable when the same passengers are on board both legs.

7.Weight Limitations/Baggage
All helicopters are subject to weight limitations for passengers and baggage. Customers are obliged to provide Superior Air all passengers’ names and actual weights as well as baggage weights and dimensions (if required) before the commencement of the flight. Flight confirmations sent are based on these weights and the customer is obliged to inform Superior Air for any change. Superior Air reserves the right to deny performing a flight where a weight limitation exceedance is noted or when the baggage are overweight and/or oversized and cannot safely fit inside the aircraft’s baggage compartment. Superior Air provides detailed baggage compartment dimensions for all its aircraft as well as detailed specifications. In case Superior Air can offer a larger aircraft for the flight requested due to weight limitations the flight is subject to additional charges.

8.Flight Upgrades/Aircraft Change
Superior Air reserves the right to upgrade the customer to fly with a larger aircraft at no extra charge but the customer will be informed for the change.
If Superior Air downgrades the customer (fly with a smaller aircraft than the one requested) , due to technical reasons etc. the customer shall be refunded the price difference (if any) and the change will be agreed between the customer and Superior Air prior to the commencement of the flight. In case the customer does not accept a downgrade he shall receive a full refund from Superior Air.

9.Brokers Responsibility
The broker/resseler/partner is responsible to provide the customer with Superior Air’s terms and conditions. Any cancellation or other problem resulting from inability or negligence of the broker to provide the customer with all terms and conditions is the responsibility of the broker and he shall therefore bare all expenses according to the terms and conditions described herein

All customers are required to be at the point of departure at least 20 minutes prior to the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD). In case of a passenger delay and when the aircraft’s schedule is affected Superior Air will provide an alternate ETD based on that schedule making all efforts to service the customer. If the flight cannot be performed at the same day an alternate date will be provided. In case the customer cannot fly at the revised ETD or at a different date this situation is treated as a cancellation and 100% of the total amount will be charged. In case Superior Air delays the flight for technical or other reasons the customer will either be upgraded or downgraded (when applicable) with the terms that apply. If the customer denies the alternate solution a full refund will be made. In case the customer accepts the delay and/or the schedule change , no refunds are made apart from those effective in the case of a downgrade. Once a flight has departed and the customer wishes to either cancel the flight or return back no refunds will be made.

11.Representation of Superior Air

Superior Air will not authorize any of its partners to represent the company in any way or act on it’s behalf. Any product or service sold through a third party is subject to Superior Air’s terms and conditions and it is the partners responsibility to make these terms known to the customer. Superior Air’s sales representatives are the company’s employees that will reply through the company’s official email address or the company’s official telephone numbers. These employees are clearly listed by name at Superior Air’s website and all quotes provided will be through the company’s online system.

12. Confidentiality 

Prices offered to any individual or broker/partner are confidential and are not to be disclosed to any third party. Superior Air has a fair and transparent pricing policy. Using these prices as means to obtain better pricing from competitors or any other third party may result to our company denying to offer it’s services to that individual or partner and also block their access to our online platform. Superior Air is not responsible if it’s services are sold at higher prices than those offered through our official website/online platform.

13.List of prohibited objects

Please check the link below before your flight.

*all the above are subject to change without any prior notice

List of prohibited objects

With prejudice to the existing cabin safety regulations, passengers are not allowed to bring the below objects to security restricted areas and the cabin of the aircraft…

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