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If you wish to learn to fly either small plane or helicopter then our flight school in Greece could be the perfect place for you to learn. We can easily help you to schedule all the necessary flying hours with our confident and qualified instructors. Having flight training in Greece is much more preferable to some other locations because the weather allows spending more time in the air. Our training team is available from 8 am until sunset so you can take full advantage. You may book your flying hours in advance and one of our qualified instructors will make sure that they will all be reserved for you.

It is worth reading our testimonials before you look further. You will be able to see what others think of our airplane pilot courses and helicopter flying lessons. It is important to know what others feel about us and hopefully, you will find that you can trust us more once you have read this. You can find out about the types of aircraft you can learn to fly, the certificates offered and the prices charged, which should also help you with your decision.

Our flight academy will give you the perfect training to make a career in flying and we even offer employment to some of our students. We also offer accommodation for our students as well as perfect atmosphere for study. We recommend you to have introductory plane or helicopter lessons so that you could make sure that you want to go ahead with training – particularly if you have never flown before. After that, you can start with learning theory while booking your course. We will guide you through the process to make it easier for you.


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