Twin or single engine helicopters ?

Helicopter engines are very reliable and statistics show that accidents do not happen due to engine failure.

Twin engine helicopters are also heavier and cannot be equipped with floats since they are limiting their performance.

Greece is a country surrounded mainly by water. There are three thousand islands and our company flies every day between them.

Flights over water follow a certain European legislation issued by EASA for the safety of the passengers.

This legislation orders that flying over water has to follow certain procedures and the helicopter must have a special floating device. This equipment does not allow helicopter to sink.

A helicopter has to be equipped with floats for flights over water if the distance from the shore is 5-10 minutes depending on helicopters type.

There are several distances e.g. from Crete to Santorini etc that a flight cannot be carried out legally without floats.

Survivability of passengers ditching in water with a non floats equipped helicopter is low.

Floats convert a helicopter in a big boat in seconds and passengers are quite safe.

So, what do you prefer twin engine and no floats or single engine with floats?


FLY LEGALLY AND with SAFETY over water.

Fly always with floats equipped helicopter.

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