Alex L.

When referring to Superior Air two words come to mind, professional and friendly. A big part of being successful at flight training is to find a good and respectable flight school. As a modular student, I did extensive research before choosing an aviation school to commence the final and most important part of my training. I soon joined Superior Air for my CPL ME/IR training and my experience there exceeded my expectation. I was trained by a group of highly skilled and professional flight instructors which made one of the hardest parts of pilot training an exciting and enjoyable experience. I was surprised to see how much attention they paid to small details to perfect my flying skills. Whenever I needed assistance, the instructors and the rest of the staff would go above and beyond to help me and make sure I was offered their best services and supervision. Apart from the high-quality training, I have to mention the amazing facilities and brand- new aircraft that enhanced the entire experience. Overall, the team at Superior Air played a major role in helping me become the pilot that I am today. They prepared me well in order to join the commercial aviation industry and obtain a job as a commercial airline pilot. I feel lucky and proud to be a Superior graduate and to be able to call everyone at Superior my friends.

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