Eusebiu A. C.

My experience with Superior Air was great. I was a integrated 0-ATPL student and below are a few things that i enjoyed while being in Superior Air. First of all, let’s start that the school it’s in Greece which has amazing scenery , while flying you can look on your right and see the mountains, you look on the left and you see the sea. Secondly, Superior Air has amazing instructors, on air and on ground. They teach you, listen to you and try their best for you to succeed and also they give a slap, if you need it, just to wake up. The staff that works there in general is really friendly and tries to help you. For me because of being an integrated student I had to spend a lot of hours everyday in the superior air site. By saying things I want to point out that you have all the necessary tools and areas that you will need. You can have your space to study or prepare, modern classrooms and after all the study you have the kitchen where you will be able to eat. Superior Air fleet is constantly maintained and checked, with modern on board instruments. My overall experience was really interesting and amazing, I would do it again but without the exams this time, even though i finished my ATPL course in though times because of the virus. We will rise again.

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