Agusta 109C

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Agusta 109C

The Agusta 109C is a twin-engine helicopter equipped with airconditioning, luxurious interior and retractable langing gear. With its streamlined desing and powerful engines, it will take you to your destination in the fastest possible way.

Cruising speed: 140 knots/h (162 mi/h, 260 km/h)
Range: 555 km (300 n.m, 345 mi) (Depending on passenger number)
Capacity: VIP seating configuration for seven passengers
Powerplant: 2 x Allison Model 250-C20R-1 turboshaft engines
Luggage compartment Dimensions: Height 60 cm, front width 90 cm, rear width 80 cm, left side length 110 cm, right side length 85 cm.

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