Aerial Work

Superior Air has great experience in aerial work flights. This is an operation that it is not so easy to do… Only high time pilots can perform such flights delivering the best results safely. This is why usually aerial work flights are expensive and high risk. But not anymore… Superior Air is the first company to use Robinson Helicopters for such flights in Greece.

The result is that we can provide high quality services such as aerial photography , filming and video broadcasting , gas pipeline inspection , banner towing for advertising , power lines inspection and forestry patrol in low prices and of course excellent results. This is why most of the major technical companies in Greece have trusted us in the past years to deliver professional results safely, cheap and on time. The list of the companies and photographers we worked with is long and keeps growing. So why not fly with somebody that can adapt to your needs and at reasonable prices?

Superior Air is also the first company in Greece to ever make banner towing for advertising with a helicopter. You can benefit from this because you will never find a cheaper helicopter than a Robinson for this kind of work.

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