Aircraft Sales

Superior Air is a Robinson Helicopter Company Authorized Dealer as well as service center. We have sold the most Robinson helicopters in Greece the past 10 years.

Robinson Helicopters can deliver performance at low cost and efficiency like no other helicopter can in the same category. This is why our customers enjoy the use of a helicopter without having to be millionaires to own or operate it.

We are experienced in consulting services so you can have our advice on how to choose and buy a used airplane or helicopter. We can search, check, and finally give advice about a purchase that will be a good deal for you.

You can actually benefit from our experience and buy an aircraft that will be trouble free in the years to come. This is a big deal since buying an airplane or helicopter is a rather complex process. This requires a deep pilots and mechanics knowledge to end up in a successful buying.

Superior Air is a company to depend on and will be there for you trying to keep the cost down and the quality of your aircraft high.

Superior Air has a huge experience in operating Cessna and Tecnam Airplanes. We can help you in choosing the right airplane new or used or offer you a prebuy inspection. You can trust our experienced staff in helping get the right decision.

In order to ensure the necessary high standard support for the R-66 helicopter, Robinson Company adopted very strict criteria for the selection of representatives worldwide. The most important one is that the dealer is required to have the authorization of performing public transport flights (AOC). The company which seemed to have all the necessary authorisations in Greece is Superior Air. Our company is approved to be the sole representative and maintenance facility of R66 helicopters in Greece.

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