Make-A-Wish “My wish is to be a Pilot” – George 13 y.o.

One wish! become a pilot! Young George wishes to become a pilot and learn how to fly an airplane.

 Superior Air made his wish come true!

A few days ago, he and his family visited Superior Air’s training academy, met the flight instructors/ pilots, and had his first flight in the cockpit! He had one flight with the training simulator and even one flight with the twin engine airplane along with Cpt. Elias Sofianos, owner of the company and flight instructor for more than 30 years.

As George says “the feeling was amazing!” Happier than ever, he rests us assured that in 5 years from now he will definitely choose the pilot carrier.

Our thoughts are with George and we send our best wishes to him for a speedy and complete recovery. May all his wishes come true!

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