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Payment terms

1.Payment of the flight
No flights depart unless they are fully paid for. Payments can be made either by wire transfer or by credit card where a credit card authorization form shall be filled and signed.
2. Price Calculation
All pricelists provided are all inclusive (all taxes and airport/handling fees, etc are included on the price).
3. Itinerary
All trips in our website quoted are one way unless otherwise agreed (and where passengers for the return trip are actually known before the commencement of the flight). In case passengers are on board both legs additional charges apply.
In case of itinerary changes (less flight time or waiting time required) no refunds are made after flight confirmation is sent and payment is received.
In case of itinerary changes (requiring more flight time or more waiting time) the changes are subject to availability and additional charges to be made and paid for, before the continuation of the flight. In case the customer is unable to commit to the current schedule and the aircraft is scheduled for another flight, the aircraft shall depart empty and no refunds shall be made.
4. Cancelation Policy
In case of cancellations more than or up to 48 hours prior to departure a full refund shall be given. In case of cancellations of less than 48 hours in advance but more than or up to 24 hours prior to the departure time 30% of the flight will be charged and in case of cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the flight 80% of the total amount will be charged. In case of a customer no-show the full amount of the flight will be charged. In case Superior Air cancels a flight the full amount will be refunded to the customer and according to EU rules that apply. If a flight is cancelled due to weather or an unexpected restriction from the authorities the customer is entitled to a full refund unless he wishes to reschedule.
5. Extra Charges
Waiting – 100 euro/hr , Second pilot charge – 150 euro , Overnight charge 400 euro , all subject to availability. Waiting time and overnight charges are only applicable when the same passengers are on board both legs.

6. Flight Upgrades/Aircraft Change
Superior Air reserves the right to upgrade the customer to fly with a bigger helicopter at no extra charge but the customer will be informed for the change.
If Superior Air downgrades the customer (fly with a smaller helicopter than the one requested) , due to technical reasons etc. the customer shall be refunded the price difference (if any) and the change will be agreed between the customer and Superior Air prior to the commencement of the flight. In case the customer does not accept a downgrade he shall receive a full refund from Superior Air.

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