Clesio R. F.

I came to sunny Greece in search of good weather and “availability” to complete some remaining “building hours” and undertake the CPL(H) course, just after passing my ATPL theoretical exams.

At such short notice that seemed like an elusive dream, because it would require us to fly virtually every day, during September and October in order to hit the required target.
Owning to my previous experiences and us being on the ” wrong half of the year” that seemed highly unlikely to me.
On the other hand Cpt. Anagnostopoulos the CFI pointed out to me that such objective was perfectly in our reach over here.
Amazingly, and to my astonishment all the plans and promises gradually became a palpable reality, as we comfortably achieved our goals, helped by a “top notch”maintenance, team as well as some “heavenly like weather” only found in these lands..

And in SUPERIOR AIR, I found a school in which a student:
Can really excel and reach his full potential.
Can experience what is it like, to be in a “real world” air operator.
Can Benefit from the school’s professional but yet friendly approach.
Can gain confidence due to the excellent work/studying environment provided by all the personnel, in the most beautifully engineered school facilities I’ve ever trained in.

That’s why I unreservedly endorse SUPERIOR AIR.


Clesio Frank

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