Ilias K.

I completed my ATPL(A) Integrated course at Superior Air. I was completely satisfied with the training I received. The environment was professional and friendly at the same time. Also the facilities and the aircraft provided for the training were excellent and one of the main reasons I chose this school in the first place. Concluding I would Strongly recommend to everyone this school for his/her pilot training.

Zakaria E. A.

I chose Superior Air because of the many positive feedbacks, and so it was. The school has a team of professionals, from instructors to all the personnes. With Superior I did my ICAO FAA conversion into an EASA FEL license and I would recommend it to everybody wishing to do the same. The training and exam took me only two weeks to complete, and that’s because of the high level of standards on which the school operates. With Superior even if just for two weeks, I felt part of a team.

Keep up the good work, Superior.

Julia K.

Πάρα πολύ καλή εξυπηρέτηση εκ μέρους του πιλότου, ευχαριστούμε πολύ.

Οι πελάτες έμειναν έκπληκτοι!

Oron T.

I came back to Superior Air, after mmy conversionn course in order to revalidate my licence. Like the first time i was here, everything was perfect. The team take care of me and allow me to finish everything i need on the best side.

Paulo S.

It is always a pleasure to be at Superior Air, this time I had to renew my EASA CPL Multe IR, and the structure were excellent!

I would like to thank you, since the sales team to the head of operations, you all are great and I wish the best for the school and all the staff.

Noah C.

Superior Air have very nice facilities and aircrafts. Are in very good condition which helps a lot for the training. Instructors are very friendly with very helpful rererence to hlep understand and improve performance and skills

Fayez O. A.

I recommend every person who wants to become a pilot to join Superior-Air. Their training structure is well organized. Their aircrafts are all new and well maintained. The flight instructor and ground instructors are very helpful and they will guide you to your goods.

One of the best flying schools in Europe in general.

Steven G.

Excellent training facilities, well maintained aircraft, superior conversion process, every staff member and instructor were extremely helpful and efficient. Very happy to have chosen Superior Air for my training and would highly recommend.

Panagiotis M.

I have been pleased with theoretical and flight training throught my training at Superior AIr. The level of theoritical and flight instructors is very high. Also, Superior owns and operates a fleet of brand-new glass cockpit aircraft which is a great transition, for my upcoming airline career.

Marcelo F. V.

For sure i’ll recommend this School, They’re very professional and they complain with  all my necessities. In time. The staying here was good.

Thomas N.


I would like to thank the entire team of Superior Air, my conversion was fast and efficient, the instructors are professional and the facilities and aircrafts are very well maintained.

I recommend 100 percent Superior Air for a ICAO conversion.

Stylianos P.

I recently completed my training at Superior Air and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The instructors were not only knowledgeable and experienced but also incredibly supportive and patient. They truly went above and beyond to ensure that I had a solid understanding of the material and felt confident in my abilities. The equipment was also top-notch and well-maintained, which added to the overall positive experience. I highly recommend this flight school to anyone looking to learn how to fly, whether you are complete beginner or an experienced pilot looking to add new skills. Thank you Superior Air for our unforgettable experience.

Michele R.

Nothing to report, Good people, good fleet, good organization etc.

Francesco Z.

Very good school! I’ve been told about this school from previous student. The instructors are very prepared and professionals. The atmosphere is very friendly, and everyone is always ready to help you and do their best for a successful training.

Yiwen W

Finally i got acceptance from a major airline. Thanks so much the whole team of Superior-Air. All the instructoros, Mr. Pantazis, Mr. Fragkopanagos, etc were very profeesional. My last UPRT training with Mr. Pantazis, was just amazing and fun. I recommend Superior-Air to all students whom have passions woth aviation. It;s the first step to get the wings! Thank you!

Mitioui G.

Very good and experience, young and dynamic team. I highly recommend this school.

Terrien C.

I would like to thank the Superior-Air team first of all for their promptness during my registration process and then when i needed information. I especially would like to thank my instructor who knew how to train me in a qualitative way. I will not hesitate to recommed Superior-Air training. Thank you very much for everything.

Regina N.

Superior-Air is the best training school i’ve ever had. I ‘ve been moving from one school to another but Superior-Air gave me the best training experiences so far. Professional instructors, great airplanes and amazing managements. For other students and wanna be pilots do not hesitate to choose Superior-Air.

Hana D.

I am very satisfied with the time i spend in Superior Air, with the instrustor and everyone who works here. I have no bad comment to make and i would easily recommend this school to everyone. Sincerely happy of the training i had. Thank you.